Saturday, March 21, 2009

daily dozen #1

Daily Dozen, something I plan to fill out daily... if I remember, haha.

I currently want to...
watch: Happy Go Lucky
eat: bar food... which is why Farley's for dinner sounds delicious
do: be ungrounded and hang out with college friends

I am currently...
reading: East of Eden, by John Steinbeck and Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko
listening to: Elephant, by Damien Rice
writing: untitled psychologist short story
--- wordcount for the day: ~100 [it wasn't enough to even merit an official word count...]

_____ of the Day:
Delicate, by Damien Rice
website: Not a Movie Poster
Sally Hawkins... I'm not watching Happy Go Lucky for nothing.
actor: Michael Emerson... Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost
quote: "You think it's a Schwinn!" - Brad Pitt, Burn After Reading

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